Human Performance

Science is the backbone of our methodology — not trends, not hype. We tailor game plans based on what’s been proven in the field and we continuously research and develop new solutions.

Our Services

Our programs are customized solutions to help organizations, teams, and individuals meet their human performance prospect.

Corporate Fitness Centre Management

We ensure your operation runs smoothly, while our Kungo coaches guide your employees toward their goals, following our holistic methodology.

Remote Employee Solutions

Kungo gives all your employees easy access to guidance and motivation through BRIDGEATHLETIC APP Kungo offers a challenging six-week journey for your high performers.

Hybrid Employee Solutions

Our hybrid employee solutions include both remote and in-person offerings, providing a seamless corporate wellness experience.


KUNGO Programming is fun, integration and designed for function, increasing your pillar strength, upgrading your movement partens and improving the way you move. It’s not a workout it’s a way of life.


Fuel it’s not just about diets and fads, KUNGO nutrition focuses on food as fuel to optimize how you feel and perform each day in the game of life.


Work + rest = success. KUNGO provides recovery tools to help you reduce pain, decrease stress, and improve your quality of life, from better sleep to improved focus.

What Our Clients Say

Our fitness centre management and remote employee solutions are trusted by Pros and Elite Athletes.

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